Christmas Lights on the Farm

Near the Polar Regions on the top of the world is a village hidden from the sight of man.  It is a place called “The North Pole”, a magical place where Santa and Mrs. Claus live along with Santa’s reindeer and his helpers.  For centuries Santa Claus has delighted children of all ages all over the world with Christmas cheer and joy by delivering gifts to all while celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ the King of Kings.

In the past several decades, however, those who do not believe in Christmas or what Christmas stands for are trying to do away with Christmas.  These people have become “Grinches.”  Some towns no longer allow Santa to ride in their parades and lot of towns no longer decorate with Christmas lights.  This makes Santa, sad for many children are now missing out on the joys of Christmas.

To help cheer up Santa, one of his reindeer named Bucky had a great idea.  Bucky ventured down from the North Pole looking for a place that keeps the Christmas Spirit alive.  Bucky found that place in a little farm in Emit North Carolina called Big Daddy’s Farms.  Bucky liked what he saw so he invited Santa and Mrs. Claus down to visit and they loved what they saw!

During the Christmas Season, the owners of Big Daddy’s Farms host “Christmas Lights on the Farm”, where visitors experience a Christmas lights extravaganza.  Visitors to the farm are taken on a hayride, which take them through an old country town decorated for the Christmas season.  The hay ride then continues to the “Field of Lights” with scenes that are sure to get you in the Christmas Spirit.  After the hayride, visitors are dropped off at Big Daddy’s General Store where kids can meet Santa and Bucky, the Reindeer.  While the kids visit with Santa and Bucky, parents can wander through the General Store and choose their favorite old fashioned candy.  Before you leave you can roast marsh mellows on an open fire and on special nights and times listen to some of the local folks singing Christmas carols.  So, for some family fun during the Christmas Season, come on out to Big Daddy’s Farms and enjoy “Christmas Lights on the Farm.”

Merry Christmas from All of Us at Big Daddy's Farm!